Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The family...

Well, where do I begin? Allie is 3 and Kallin is 20 months. They are busy, energetic, spunky, sassy, sweet, and, best of all, best friends.

Allie loves to talk. She is so inquisitive and wants to know everything. She is constantly asking questions. She enjoys answering questions as much as she enjoys asking them. Her favorite phrases are, "Don't worry about it," "I'm bigger now. I'm 3," and "Don't talk to me like that." She has all the sass and emotion that a healthy, estrogen filled girl should have. She makes things fun and interesting and keeps us on our toes. She is so helpful to Mommy. She uses a small broom and dustpan to help sweep small areas in the kitchen. She collects dirty clothes and puts them in the hamper. She is very good at cleaning up her room and putting things in their proper place. She is so sweet to Kallin and helps him with whatever it is that he needs help with.

Kallin loves to show off. He has a goofy and sweet personality. He loves to pretend he's sleeping then suddenly wakes up to surprise you. He is saying more and more everyday. His favorite word is "off" as in "get 'off' that chair," "get 'off' the floor," and "get your hands 'off' me." Another of his favorite things to say, as with most children his age, is "MINE" accompanied by shrill screaming and legs kicking. Lately I have caught him singing. I can't understand the words to whatever he is singing, but I definitely recognize the motions to "Daddy's Homecoming." He truly is a character. He never stops moving. He is a boy in every sense of the word. He climbs on, jumps on, runs into, throws, catches, pulls, pushes, and kicks everything. He loves his sister and is her shadow.

Andrew's job as Product Manager over the Patch Solution at Symantec is going well. He has just been given the assignment to become the Macintosh expert for the product. He's excited about that. He has had many opportunities to travel the world. He has made a few trips to Sydney, Australia and has a trip planned to the country of Estonia next month. He has another trip scheduled to Sydney this summer and, hopefully a trip to Holland in October.

The kids are keeping me very busy. I never know what kind of mood they are going to be in or what kind of trouble they are going to cause, but there is nothing more rewarding in the world than being a mother. I have recently been called as the food specialist for girl's camp. I'll get to go and be one of the girls. I am very excited about it.


Patrick, jessica & Brayden said...

Its so great you finally joined the bloging world. It sounds like you guys are doing great! I love seeing pictures. Here's our blog http://pjoliverson.blogspot.com
Miss ya like Crazy

justin said...

great pictures, youve got some cute kids. too bad we werent able to hook up last time you were down, i wanted to do some rock crawling with andrew. next time i guess !! -justin