Thursday, April 24, 2008

Poor Kallin

I meant to post this yesterday.....

So Kallin has been really sick with croup. We had a really scary moment Sunday night. We thought that Kallin was literally going to stop breathing. We were beside ourselves sitting in the steamed up bathroom with poor little Kallin at 3:00 in the morning. Andrew gave him a blessing, but when we didn't see immediate results, we were about to jump in the car and head for the emergency room but decided to get the opinion of my brother, Justin, who is a firefighter/paramedic. (thanks Justin) So while Andrew was on the phone with him Kallin's breathing started to become less and less labored. What a relief! I slept on his floor that night and took him to the doctor the next morning where they gave him a dose of steroids that really helped open his airways and got him breathing well.

Well, Allie has just been so sweet to him. As much as I have tried to keep them apart so that she wouldn't get sick as well, she just could not help but be a little mother to him. She would go and find his drink to give to him every time he had a coughing attack. She tried to keep him entertained with toys and by being silly. She was just so sweet to her sick brother. Well, yesterday I caught the two of them sitting on my bed sharing a snack of Goldfish crackers. She was feeding them to him one by one. It was the sweetest thing.

Thankfully, Kallin is all better now and Allie hasn't shown any signs of having caught the croup.


Tiercy said...

ugh, respitory illness is the worst thing ever!! I have had so many nights like that and empathize with you. Also, your little story about Allie is darling and totally exemplifies what Elder Ballard said: The joy of motherhood comes in moments.

Mikki said...

I am so glad that Kallin is better now. That has got to be sooo scary.