Sunday, May 18, 2008

Andrew Has Left on a Jet Plane

Andrew left for Tallinn, Estonia (a country by Russia) Friday afternoon. The following is the first email that I received from him after he got there:

So, we arrive 15 minutes late into Amsterdam so they have to book me on another fight to Tallinn. This one has me go through Copenhagen. So I arrive in Copenhagen, so far so good. After running around the airport, I finally find the gate for my flight to Tallinn - 2 for 2. We arrive here in Tallinn and yup, you guessed it...NO BAG!

Off to the Baggage Service it is. I'm told that it should come in tonight on the direct flight from Amsterdam (this is the flight I would have had to wait for if they didn't send me through Copenhagen...) so don't expect it until tomorrow morning...fine.

Off to catch a taxi. Mind you, I haven't changed any dollars because Rene specifically said that ALL taxis take credit cards...yeah...right...

Get to the hotel and yeah...need cash. Walk around until I find an ATM. Don't know the PIN number for my corporate credit card so I have to pull out our Debit card...Dang!

Fine...take out 500 Estonian Kroons (should be about $50) and pay the Taxi dude. Walk into the Hotel...yeah, able to check in - no problems. Get to my room and try turning on some lights - it's a little overcast here - and, of course, nothing turns on. Oh wait, there is an aparatus that says: "Main Switch". Hold on, it looks like my key card fits there...yup, sure enough. I put my key card in and all the lights turn on. Satisfied, I pull it out and the lights turn off...What the heck???

If I walk out of the room and forget my key card, not only will I be locked out, but their electricity bill is going to go through the roof! :)

OK, sit down to watch some TV. I'm hungry at this point but too razzled to go anywhere - plus, I stink...

Try to turn on the TV...nothing...*sigh*

Mess with the batteries a it's working...lovely.

Nothing good is on, of course.

So, I try to call you. Dial the number, says "Call in progress" - hangs like that for several minutes...nothing. Now I can't do anything, the entire phone is "frozen". Nice

Start up the laptop instead and hook up to free wireless - at least that's one thing I KNOW I can't screw up...LOL

Anyway, how has your day been? :)

I hate coming to new countries and having NO idea what to do...oh well...I'll live.

Kiss the kiddies for me, I'll talk to you later.

I've talked to him since then, and while it is not real exciting, he is adjusting a little bit.


Becky said...

These look alike meters are a riot. Can you do them at any age? Mom

Celeste said...

yeah, you put whatever pictures you want in there

Frye Kids said...

wow what a trip! it is funny to read how different things are outside the US. thanks for coming today, it made Abigail's birthday perfect!

Andrew said...

Now that I've been here almost a week things have gotten better. I've learned how to adjust to new countries pretty quickly now... =)

Kelly said...

What does he do?

Celeste said...

He's a product manager for software company. Some of the company's developers are in Estonia.

Kaydee said...

I really did try to call you back- maybe I wrote your number down wrong? Will you please call me again sometime? I know you are busy but I would love to get together sometime! Love you!

Warrens said...

Hey Celeste! I found your blog through Emily! I haven't seen you in forever but I hope everything is going good and your kids are adorable!!