Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Difference Between Boys and Girls

Allie and Kallin love to push strollers around. I started laughing when I saw how distinct the differences are between boys and girls. Allie's stroller consists of a baby doll, the doll's bottle and a pair of shoes. Kallin has a stroller full of cars.


Tiercy said...

And here's where I say Kallin is so cute (see below comment). I love the cars in the hot pink stroller. My friend has a theory that there are two kinds of boys: those who like things with wheels (cars, trains and strollers, etc) and those who like things with legs (animals or superheros, etc). My boys were both leg boys and loved Lion King figurines.

Becky said...

Celeste that picture is a crack up! So much like you! Mom