Monday, August 4, 2008

Family Reunion

The first weekend in August we had a reunion with my extended family. It was at my parent's cabin. We had so much fun and so did the kids....

They loved the huge swing that my dad rigged up.

So did the adults. That's me being thrown into the air by the pull of a four-wheeler. It was so much fun!!

I would all of a sudden notice the kids were missing and without fail, I would find them in the driver's seat of something.

Kallin ate and ate and ate junk food. Here he is with a doughnut.

Allie fell in love with my cousin's dog and what you see there is what she spent the ENTIRE weekend doing. Easy Lenny. That poor dog.


Tiffany said...

Sounds like a blast. Glad that you and kids had some fun.

Mikki said...

The picture on the 4wheeler is SO cute! Looks like a great time.

Tiercy said...

Your kids and cars. Too funny to find them in the driver's seat. I am so glad you have family close enough to do these fun things with.