Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Finally Some Snow!

It finally snowed! The forecast has said "snow" for the past week. I think it has snowed for about 2 hours total during the past week. This morning, we woke up and low and behold, SNOW!

It took about 30 minutes to get the kids all bundled up. Kallin was so anxious to get outside that by the time we got to putting on his gloves, he would not let me put the water proof pair over his regular gloves. Oh well. He didn't seem to notice.

Allie really liked making snow angels.

Allie was insistent that we make a snowman. We started. We got the bottom of the snowman made and she decided she was done. As it turns out, she didn't want to make a snowman, she wanted to accessorize the snowman. She just wanted to put rocks on for the eyes and mouth, a carrot for the nose, and sticks for the arms. So the kid in me took over and I finished the snowman myself.

The kids had a blast!

Yay for snow!


Our Little Family said...

Yeah! I'm so glad that you finally got some snow! So did we! Its still snowing! Out streets are covered! I'll post some pictures later tonight! I am so excited to some! We will actually see you for one night! When you come back, we don't leave until Sunday. I hope that is ok.

Becky said...

Oh my gosh so cute! That looks just like my house right now believe it or not! I'm with Allie-accessorize that's what it's all about! I love your blog!

The Future Mrs. Luke said...

Awww...so much fun! I love playing in the snow! The kids are getting so big!! If you guys ever are in the provo area, you should give me a call!!

Tiercy said...

What a cute mom you are! I love that the snowman is just Kallin and Allie's size, a perfect playmate.

Eliz said...

your snowman rocks!!