Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Midnight Sun: Edward's Version

I'm sure all of us Twilight Series fans have heard about a new book that Stephenie Meyer is (or was) working on about Edward's perspective of meeting Bella. Well, my sister is visiting from out of town and told me about Stephenie Meyer's website and a letter that she wrote to her readers about that book. You can find that letter here.

If you ask me, Stephenie Meyer seems a bit immature and dramatic. Anyway, just thought you other Twilight fans out there would want to know the latest (if you didn't already).

I'm in the process of reading what Stephanie wrote of Midnight Sun and I can't wait to discuss it with those of you that plan to read it, too.


Tiercy said...

I completely agree with you. She's the one who handed it out in the first place. Seriously. I am boycotting reading even what is out there because I don't want to get hooked into something that might not be completed.

Kasey said...

This is craziness. I hope she gets over it and finishes what she started!

Becky said...

Celeste a little dramatic how about a lot dramatic. Oh my goodness get a life, as if she hasn't made enough money off the book. Any way, love the new blog look. Happy reading! Love Mom

just the 3 of us said...

So I read it Celeste! and I really wish that she didn't stop writing it! I love it! Let me know when you finish it! Its amazing how different they can be coming from his point of view!