Saturday, September 6, 2008

Allie's First Day of Preschool and the Worst Day of My Life

So Allie started preschool yesterday. It was very difficult for me sending my little girl to a place that she had never been with kids and a teacher she had never met.

Kallin and I walked her up to Nisha Murray's home based preschool. While the kids waited for all their "friends" to arrive, they played outside. Allie was ok at first. There were just a few kids there, and Kallin was playing with her. But as more kids showed up, Allie became more and more nervous. I started wondering how she was going to handle this. She had been looking forward to preschool all summer. She stayed by my side until it was time to go inside and then said good-bye and followed the other kids inside with no problem. I was so proud of her.

Kallin and I made the teary-eyed walk back home and decided to make cookies for Allie when she got home. Kallin was going in and out of the open garage, just like always, when he came up to me and asked, "Where did Allie go?" I told him that she was at school and we would get her later. He went back outside.

About a minute went by and I didn't hear him. I went outside to see what he was up to and didn't see him. I looked up the street and down the street and saw nothing. I went back inside, thinking he had just gone upstairs to play. I couldn't find him anywhere in the house. I looked outside again, walking the perimeter of the house. Still no Kallin. I started panicking. I said a prayer that I would find him safe and that I could stay calm.

I just kept thinking that he must have gone to Allie's school to get her. I got in the car to search for him, with the phone in hand, ready to call the police if I didn't find him in the next 10 seconds. I turned the corner to Allie's school and there he was, on a bike that I didn't recognize. I got out of the car and hugged him, saying a prayer of thanks and told him to take the bike back. He started off down the street. He kept riding and riding and riding. Finally, we rounded another corner and went three quarters of the way down the street to a house with lots of toys in the yard. By this point I was freaking out, imaging that my little boy had gone that far from home by himself and I had no idea that he was there.

I took him by the hand and led him back to the car, buckled him in (tightly), and went back home. We finished the cookies (with him sitting on the counter next to me so he couldn't escape) and then went to pick up Allie. Her teacher said she did great, except when she was told to sit down for snack time. But Allie seemed to really enjoy it and can't wait to go back!


Becky said...

The pictures are great and so is the story. I'm just sorry it was so scary! Love you Mom

Eliz said...

I am glad he is back safe and sound. But wow he is really smart for finding a means of transportation and looking for his sister -- the FBI or the CIA might be interested in him later as a career spy or something.

Nisha said...

I am so sorry to hear what happened you seemed so calm when you came to pick up Allie. She did great. She was my best friend the whole time, holding my hand. She will love next week we are making an apple man. He is really cute. Love, Teacher Nisha

Frye Kids said...

Hey i am glad you are back to blogging, I was starting to worry about you! THat is so scary about Kallin, sounds like he wanted to see Allie, that is so cute. I LOVE Kallin's room and I am thinking I need to get to a tai pan ASAP. that is so cute, you did great! we miss you tons, see ya soon!

Tiercy said...

I would love to be a kid again and in Teacher Nisha's class. Lucky Allie. Oh Celeste, my heart is in my throat for you. I don't like any experience of that kind. I am so sorry that I didn't know. I would have helped you look. I am so glad it all worked out okay. It happens to every mom.

Kaydee said...

Allie is a doll! So sorry that you had that scare! I am glad that everything turned out okay!