Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Winter Wonderland

We went to my parents' cabin over conference weekend. It is near Brian Head (outside of Cedar City) at Panguitch Lake. We had heard all the talk of a storm hitting our home here, in Eagle Mountain, and were hoping we wouldn't see it at the cabin. Well, we did.

We got there Friday evening. It started raining a couple hours later. It didn't stop until it started snowing Saturday night. Sunday we woke up to the sound of snow falling from the roof and a snow-covered ground.

We decided to brave the Rhino ride up the mountain to deeper snow, so we bundled up the kids and took off.

It was really beautiful. The leaves were changing colors.

There was a section of the road where the trees were bent over making an arch passageway.

The kids' favorite part? Seeing the deer.

It was so foggy towards the top of the mountain. This scene got me so excited for Halloween. It looked so spooky. It was WAY too cold to get me excited about winter.


Brandon and Mandy said...

Snow already!? The thought makes me want to go straight to Vegas! Looks like you guys had fun!

Becky said...

Your pics turned out great! I have some good ones too, I'll have to send you. We had a great time. So glad you could come!

just the 3 of us said...

WOW! The top of the mountain looks so cool! That was a fun weekend even if we didn't really get to leave the cabin! Oh well! It was nice to see you again. Sometimes it doesn't happen very often. How was the weather at your house?

Tiercy said...

Wow, I lve the beauty of nature! And, I would get excited about seeing hte deer too. I love the leaves.