Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Andrew Turned the BIG 3-0!

Andrew turned 30 this year. After his 29th birthday, he hounded me for about 6 months about me needing to throw him surprise party for his 30th. Once he kind of forgot about it, I got started planning. My wonderful and gracious friend, Tiercy allowed me to use her house as the setting. And I ended up with not a single picture of her!! I cannot believe it!

Here is her wonderful husband that I am also very grateful to for letting us use his house.

Some friends traveled long distances to be there. This is Joel and Emily. I grew up with Emily and then she and her family happened to move into our ward in Cedar Hills right before we left.

And some friends traveled from next door. These people are our wonderful neighbors that we borrow stuff from all the time.

This is Joe, Asher, and little Taylor.

Here is Kelly.

Ben and Mikki.

Allie had a great time running around with all the kids. She was so excited to celebrate her daddy's birthday.

Andrew had a great time, too.....I hope. He was seriously surprised. He had no idea it was coming. He says it was only because he happened to be so busy at work. I admit that did help keep the secret, but I thought I was pretty dang sly.

Kallin loved the cake. He also loved singing "Happy Birthday" and hasn't stopped singing it since.

Happy birthday, Andrew! I love you!!


Andrew said...

Thanks, hun. I love you too!

Tiercy said...

That was such a fun night!! I loved those games, and enjoyed getting to know Andrew a little bit better. So many things he needs to blog about. = > You can use my help any time.