Tuesday, December 9, 2008

In the Rhino

After Disneyland, we headed to my parents' house in Henderson (suburb of Las Vegas) for Thanksgiving. Kallin's obsession of course was the Rhino. All day long we heard "I wanna go in da Rhino." And he wouldn't stop saying it until you gave in and took him in the Rhino. Andrew, obviously, didn't mind much and had just as much fun as Kallin.

If you look closely, you can see that Kallin's left hand is gripping the steering wheel. I thought it was so cute.


Andrew said...

The kids were awesome. Unfortunately we didn't get any pictures of when we took the Jeep out rockcrawling. Both Allie and Kallin didn't even blink an eye when we were about 2" away from rolling over - not because I am a bad driver, mind you...it was because of the terrain...:-)

Tiercy said...

What darling pictures of your men! I can see why Kallin was obsessed.

Becky said...

How cute! Your two boys doing what they love!