Monday, December 8, 2008

Murder Mystery Party

Shavonne and I threw a Murder Mystery dinner party for Halloween. It took a lot of planning and a lot of cooperation from the friends we invited. Everyone did awesome playing their parts. It was a blast. Actually, it was a blast from the past, as it was an eighties-themed party (as you can tell by the pictures).

This is the whole group decked out in their eighties ensembles.

Here is Andrew and Kelly. His character had a big crush on her character and he had to sing to her to try to woo her. She wasn't falling for it. It was hilarious!

Lindsey played a mysterious female 007.

Mikki was a klepto gymnast. Ben was a stuttering professional football player. What a match!

Asher was a narcolepic ballerina, struggling to make it in the breakdancing business. Joe was a professional breakdancer.

Steve was a scanelous evangelist minister. He played his part well. Tiercy was his wife. She had an eye goop problem, which always makes it look like she's crying.

Mary was the president of the Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtle fan club. And Cole was the leader of the "C Team." (Bascially he was a white Mr. T)

Our wonderful host and hostess.... Greg played the president of a hairspray company with a very large flatulence problem. Shavonne was his wife who got stood up at prom and hasn't been able to get over it. Thanks guys for hosting this fun party!

It was so much fun and a tradition that I hope to continue!


Our Little Family said...

Celeste it looks like it was a blast! Maybe we will have to do one with the family!


SSSSSSOOOOOOO MUCH FUN! I love that you described what each of our characters were... it just reminds me of how HILARIOUS that night was... I wish we could have had it recorded 'cause some of the side conversations had some serious "quotables" that we'll forever remember. It was so much fun planning and putting it all together with you... after all, you are the party-planning-pro! Thanks love!

Tiercy said...

that was an awesome night! you guys left nothing undone and it was perfect! Thanks for inviting us.